Potential Use of Social Media in the NEPA Process

NCHRP 25-25/80

Interactive Tools Matrix

Glossary of Features

(AC) Analytics Capabilities: The interface has built-in analytics capabilities, or there is analytics technology that can specifically quantify elements of platform features (examples: reach of post, follower reactions, etc.)
(CI) Collaborative Interface: The interface allows for discourse regarding posted information, local or national eventsĀ 
(EF) Educational Features
(GL) Groups or Lists: Ability to form groups or lists within the platform in order to organize by group interest, relationship to user, subject, etc.
(GPS) Geographic location, GPS or GIS functionality
(LSV) Live Streaming Video Communication
(MB) Micro-blogging
(MC) Mobile Compatibility: The platform transfers well in app, or mobile format.
(MM) Multi-Media Platform: The platform allows users to upload or link to photos, videos, news and special interest articles, etc.
(MRE) Media Relations Enhancer
(P) Profile: The platform allows users to create a custom profile, identifying personal, professional, organizational, project or other information.
(PN) Professional Networking
(SCP) Social Connection Platform: The platform allows people to identify relationships, like friends, family, colleagues, or people of interest, via a virtual connection (examples: friend, connect, follow, etc).