Potential Use of Social Media in the NEPA Process

NCHRP 25-25/80

Interactive Tools Matrix

Collage of Social Networking Products

Social Networking


Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, 're-pin' images to their own pinboards, or 'like' photos. www.pinterest.com

Features: P; CI; AC; SCP; GL; MC;
Benefits: Compatibility with several social and online media platforms, easy to use, visual and multi-faceted.
Enhances or enhanced by: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blog sites
Potential NEPA Application: Ability to share project information including photos, maps and graphics so that users can pin the information to their own boards and discuss the content.
Notes: Use Pinterest to post graphics that you would like to see shared broadly to build project understanding.