Potential Use of Social Media in the NEPA Process

NCHRP 25-25/80

Interactive Tools Matrix

Collage of Social Networking Products

Video & Photo Sharing


Prezi produces presentation software and storytelling tools for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. The product employs a Zooming User Interface (ZUI), which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media, and allows users to display and navigate through information within a 2.5D or parallax 3D space on the Z-axis. www.prezi.com

Features: MM; MC; EF
Benefits: Presentations and video/photo combination, interactive features, compatible to embed on many online and social media platforms.
Enhances or enhanced by: Blog sites, Facebook, GovLoop, LinkedIn, Google+
Potential NEPA Application: Presentation format that can be used at meetings and stored online for future access by the project team and stakeholders.
Notes: Share links to the Prezi file on Facebook and Twitter to give people the opportunity to interact with the prepared information.